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So, your life has just been turned upside-down in welcoming your new bundle of joy! Here are my top skincare and makeup tips for new mums...


So you've spent a few days in hospital, haven't slept properly in weeks and now your entire life revolves around this little baby. You are wondering how you can function, let alone have a skincare routine or apply any makeup!

First things first, don't feel guilty for either doing nothing to you skin, or trying to do the bare minimum! Being a new mum is tough and in keeping your baby happy and healthy, you are already smashing it!

The only reason I advocate attempting any kind of skin ‘care’ at all is purely for the self-care element and ensuring you don't lose sight of 'you'. Skincare is more than just applying a few products for vanity reasons - it's a moment in the day we can truly dedicate to ourselves and take the time to pause.

This is all well and good in theory, and you've got a bathroom cabinet full of glorious lotions and potions but on days where you think ‘I can’t face moving’ – for whatever reason – I've put together this list to ensure you can do the absolute bare minimum and not give yourself a hard time about it:



Now, although I avidly disparage any use of wipes on your face (in the words of Caroline Hirons, 'wipes are for flights, festivals and f*nny's') there may be times when you simply don't have a moment to do anything else. And if that's the case, these are the only wipes I can ever condone using - in this situation... Water Wipes are literally water and a natural preservative to keep them fresh, and as a new mum I'm sure you have heard of them and in fact have them in abundance.

Having said this, nothing can ever replace a cleanser and flannel, so if you can wash your face with something more substantial then do!


A mist is the quickest and most refreshing way to give yourself a boost of hydration!

*La Roche Posay Serozinc is a great gentle hydrating mist for all skins, not just the oily/combination skin types that it is traditionally advertised for.

It has a lovely defused misting action and is suitable for misting throughout the day when you're in need of a little 'pick me up',not just after cleansing.


Lack of sleep and general self care is likely to be taking its toll on your skin and dryness is probably something you're experiencing.

*Weleda Skin Food is one of the industry's most raved about products and can be used as a nourishing day and night cream. It is packed with amazing ingredients and is good for rough, dry skin anywhere on the body: face, hands, elbows, knees etc. A little goes a long way, so apply sparingly. This cream is very rich so to avoid dragging your skin, warm a small amount in between your fingertips before gently pressing into the face.

Weleda also do a *Skin Food Lip Balm, so be sure to take care of your lips as well as the rest of your face!

In the early days, it's no doubt you will have an influx of visitors wanting to meet your newest addition. You may not have the energy or the inclination to put a full face of makeup on but here are some quick and simple tips and tricks to refresh your face and make you feel like you've made a little bit of effort for those inevitable photographs!



A quick swipe of concealer is the fastest way to give your face a pick-me-up. In order to cover any darkness around your eyes you will want to chose a product to correct those blue/purple tones. Peach and pink toned concealers (also known as correctors) are the most effective way of doing this without having to pile on excess product.

*Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Corrector is a hybrid formula that delivers weightless coverage whilst enhancing moisture levels and re-energising the look of skin.

Lash Curler

Another product that will instantly open your eyes and help you look more refreshed is Mascara. But, if you can't face having any product on your eyes, curling your lashes gives the appearance of longer and more voluminous lashes, and helps to draw the eye upwards, making you look less droopy and more alluring. It's something so simple but will make a noticeable difference!

My favourite lash curlers include:

Lip Colour

Now, I know this sounds like you're being the most over the top new Mum around, but believe it or not, a soft colour will instantly brighten your face. Not only that, by taking a small dab of your lip colour across your cheeks as a soft blush, you will harmonise your look and bring your skin a revitalised glow. It's a win win!

My favourite products for a soft and subtle colour, whilst also feeling nourishing are the *MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencil and *Bobbi Brown Nourishing Lip Color.


Image Credits:

Image 1 - Pexels, Kristina Paukshtite

Image 2 - Pexels, Andrea Piacquadio

Image 3 - Pexels, Karolina Grabowska

Image 4 - Pexels, Pixabay

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